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"Internet+" Leads Party Construction in State-owned Enterprises to Enter Information Age——the Platform of “SRIG Party Construction Cloud” Officially Launched

   On December 11, the launching ceremony of the platform "SRIG Party Construction Cloud" jointly developed by the Party Committee of SRIG and the State Administration Institute was held in Chengdu. As the first autonomous party building training and management platform owned by a provincial state-owned enterprise, the "SRIG Party Construction Cloud" platform was officially launched, marking that the party construction for provincial state-owned enterprises has entered the era of "Internet+” era.


   The party committee of SRIG insists on active exploration, continuously improves and strengthens its party construction, promotes party construction in administration, workshops, projects and windows, continuously strengthens the quality of the party member cadres and employees and improves the level of party construction. At present, there are 420 grass-roots party organizations and over 5,300 party members under the party committee of SRIG, and they are spread all over the country as well as more than 10 countries and regions in Europe, Africa, the middle east, southeast Asia, etc. As a special industry, infrastructure construction has brought new challenges to the education for party members and the management of grass-roots party organizations.

  wth the continuous innovation of Internet technology, how to improve the education for the party members through “Internet+” has become an important topic for the implementation of the"2019-2023 National Party Member Education and Training Work Plan", and it is also in the mind of the party committee of SRIG for grass-roots party construction. With the help of strong tachers and technical support from the National School of Administration, the provincial railway investment group has built a platform of "railway investment party building cloud" based on the atual situation of the group's party building work. The platform uses "internet plus" technology to develop online organization module, curriculum and evaluation system. It integrates pc andmobile phone APP, Party spirit education and comprehensive knowledge, daily learning, training and organization management. "Tietou Party Building Cloud" platform is not only a platform tool, but also an educational front and an online school. The formation of an all-round, multi-level and extensive network of Party member education and organization and  management  through the same frequency on-line and on-line is conducive to strengthening all-round and immediate organization and management of Party members, solving the contradiction between work andstudy in the first line of production in the infrastructure industry, and opening up the "last kilometer" of learning, education and training for Party members and cadres.

  Ren Yonggang, vice president of the Audio-Visual Publishing House of the State Administration Institute, Guo Yong, secretary of the provincial railway investment group Party committee,delivered speeches at the launching ceremony, and Wu Xiaoxi, full-time deputy secretary of the provincial SASAC Party committee, delivered speeches. The heads of the relevant offices of the povincial Party Committee Organization Department and the provincial SASAC attended the meeting. More than 200 people, including members of the provincial railway investment group, cadres abovethe middle level in the headquarters, party secretaries of subordinate units, etc. attended. Xinhua News Agency, Sichuan Daily and sctv reported.

  Once the platform of "Iron Investment in Party Building Cloud" is put into use, it has aroused heated discussion among the majority of Party members, cadres and workers. Everyone said insuccession that in the past, participation in organizational life was limited by time and place, and autonomous learning was mostly based on books and newspapers, with less learningresources. At present, the "iron investment party building cloud platform" in hand, no matter in cities and villages, domestic and overseas, can carry out self-study and education, so as toachieve "flowing water from the source", can take the initiative to link with the organization and management, so as to "leave the country without leaving the party".

  After the launch of the platform, the party committee of SRIG will improve the online learning management system with the platform as the core vehicle, strictly enforce the political,quality and discipline standards, build a leading, open and interactive platform, make it become a golden platform for staff of SRIG and an online university for cadres and employees of RIG to improve their political ability, learning ability, quality and business ability as well as a source of knowledge" for SRIG to be an enterprise with firm political stance, honestdministration, standardized management, prominent main business, good benefits and happy staff.

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